CNA Salary in Chicago

Chicago is one city where you should be if you want to be or are a CNA because it is one of the best paying cities for certified nursing assistants; average CNA salary in Chicago is $31,500 which is way about $5,000 more than that of the national average.

CNA salary depends on many factors and location and demand for CNAs are two important factors which contribute to CNA average salary. In the state of Illinois demand for CNAs is high and statistics show that there are approximately 1800 jobs offered every year. Chicago is the biggest metro of the state and is even a CNA training hub with a good number of CNA training programs; due to all these reasons the CNA salary in Chicago is above average.

CNA salary by facility

The salary of a CNA can differ on the facility he/she works as the job responsibilities change marginally and also depends on specialization done when you were in training; higher education ensures more income.

Type of the Facility/Job Annual Salary in $
Home health aide 22,000
Caregiver Companion 20,000
Hospital 24,000
Nursing home 25,000
Long Term Care 33,000
Pediatric Care 36,000
Correctional facility 29,000
  • Long Term Care (LTC) CNAs work in the facilities which provide medical care to diseases that take a very long time to recover or are sometimes life- long, like in the case of diabetes. There are facilities that provide drug rehabilitation, physical therapy etc. These facilities treat patients that require 24 hour healthcare services and CNAs working here have to pay attention to the special needs of patients.
  • Pediatric care CNAs salary is good nationwide; in Chicago they get 6% higher than the national average. They must have the knack of handling kids and give them comfort when they go through medical treatment.
  • If you have done specialization as a psychiatric aide then you can take up a job with a correctional facility. In such a facility you must have skills to handle mentally sensitive patients and it takes a lot of effort as well as mental stress.

Career advancement and salary hike for CNAs

Chicago provides for good opportunities for CNAs who are keen in making progression in the nursing career. Experienced CNAs can look forward to more responsibilities if they can acquire the skills required for higher paying jobs; a supervisor in patient care services can earn $51,000 on an average which is double of what a CNA earns, you can join technical training required for the job on a part time basis and get the required skills for this fruitful career.

If you want to be a LPN or a RN there are many community colleges in Chicago which have part time courses. So if you continue your education along with the job you can get in the higher paycheck bracket. As a matter of fact there is a shortage of qualified LPNs and RNs in the country so many employers are ready to fund for your education requirements and grant you leaves to complete the education. A LPN earns an average salary of $48,000 while a RN is paid $6000 a year in Chicago.

So if you want to draw a Higher CNA salary in Chicago; you can take up specializations or pursue higher education to advance in your nursing career and as it is CNAs get paid higher than the other metros in the country.