CNA salary in Houston-TX

Houston is the biggest city in the state of Texas which is nicknamed the lone star state; the city is the fourth most populous city in the United States. Houston is home to the internationally well-known Texas Medical Center which is the world’s largest medical and healthcare research institute. Hence a nursing career in Houston can be very rewarding; the CNA average salary in Houston, TX is $28,000 with many job opportunities knocking on your door.

But the salary of $28,000 is just the base salary that one gets in the city of Houston; with so many world class healthcare facilities around the nurse aides gets other benefits like healthcare and social security allowance, pension, paid time off etc. which adds their total compensation to $41,000 a year which is a fantastic salary if you compare to the nursing assistant salary in Philadelphia , PA or Miami, FL; the average salary in both these cities stand at $29,000 and only the nursing assistants working in hospitals or nursing homes get the extra benefits.

Like all professions the salary of nurse aides is determined by factors like location, demand, education, experience etc., same is the case with CNA salary in Houston, TX and the prime determining factor being the demand for healthcare professionals.

Another factor is the location, specifically in the state of Texas; the less urbanized cities or rural areas in the state pay very low salaries to certified nursing assistants. Houston is a big metropolis and the cost of living is also high so you have more chance of earning higher salaries and additional advantages of transportation facilities if you work with hospitals or federal agencies.

CNA salary by facility

Type of the Facility/Job Annual Salary in $
Home health aide 22,000
Caregiver Companion 18,000
Hospital 35,000
Nursing home 35,000
Long Term Care 26,000
Pediatric Care 33,000
Correctional facilities 26,000
Retirement facility 35,000
Transitional Care Facility 32,000
  • As Houston is home to the biggest medical research center in the world the demand for LTC CNA is very high and they can reap other benefits apart from the salary. For the same reason a Transitional Care facility where patients suffering from addiction are being treated a CNA can earn up to $32,000.
  • The demand for healthcare professionals in Houston is high, that is why the salary of hospital and nursing home nursing assistant is more than what it is in many other cities.
  • The aging population in Texas is higher than most other states. Because of this the salary of a CNA working in Old home is way above what you can earn in such facilities in some of the cities.
  • In most other cities psychiatric aides have the highest CNA pay scale as compared to CNAs working in any other facilities. Considering the number of research institutions in Houston it is a surprise that correctional facilities where mentally ill patients are treated don’t pay higher salaries to CNA.

Growth opportunities for CNA in Houston-TX

Since Houston is a center of medical research the growth opportunities for you in the city for a prosperous nursing career are increasing by the day and as you gain experience and education your career will blossom for sure.

You may have had a GED or a high school diploma when you started out as a CNA, but if you can pursue further education and get a university degree your alary can grow by $2,000 to $3,000 which means you can earn around $31,000 year on. Experience is always invaluable in any profession and an experienced CNA can earn up to $34,000 a year in Houston.

If you specialize is the field of pediatrics or acute care you will be paid more than $35,000 a year and education in mental health therapy which will be a two year course can land you in a job of around $38,000.

If you seek a degree in the nursing field and go on to be a Licensed Practical nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN) you can earn even higher salaries. Average salary of a LPN in Houston is $42,000 and that of a RN is $62,000, both are a tad lower than the national average but with experience you can look forward to better pay scales.

This city of opportunities goes as far as healthcare profession is considered and the CNA salary in Houston, TX along with the additional benefits you can get a head start in the nursing profession and prosper with experience and education.