CNA Salary in Kansas City

Kansas City, KS or KCK as it is popularly known is at the junction of Kansas and Missouri rivers known as the Kaw Point and Kansas City, MO or KC is just across the rivers and these two cities are many times referred to as twin cities; in fact KC is considered to be the anchor city of the Kansas City metropolitan region. CNA salary in Kansas City, KS is not very high; it is around $26,000 a year just above the national average of $25,000. If you compare this with certified nursing aide salary in Miami-FL, the earning are very low.

As compared to Kansas the state of Missouri has more job opportunities for certified nursing assistants and the number of jobs at Kansas offer 1,300 a year. Moreover, the reciprocity of licenses is already in place for the two states especially for the Kansas metropolitan region. So if you have CNA license of Kansas ask for the reciprocity and you can work in Missouri and vice-versa (reciprocity of licenses must be requested from the respective states).

Even though Missouri has a big demand for CNAs the average CNA salary in Kansas City, MO is just $24,000 a year which is a tad below the national average, but with job opportunities growing in this metropolitan area you can rest assured that the future is bright.

It is a well known fact that CNA salary depends on number factors like location, demand, education, experience, specialization etc., same is the case with their salary in Kansas City metro.

CNA salary in Kansas City by employment

The type of your employment is an important factor on which CNA salary in Kansas City depends. A nurse aide working fulltime will earn higher salary as compared to someone who works part time. The average salary will differ by $2,000 a year depending on the status of your employment. Another factor that will decide your salary will be your employer; certain facilities will pay you more and others will pay you less.

Type of the Facility/Job Annual Salary in $
Home health aide 18,000
Caregiver Companion 17,000
Hospital 27,000
Nursing home 27,000
Long Term Care 29,000
Pediatric Care 27,500
Correctional facility 25,000
  • The national average for hospital or nursing home CNAs is $35,000 including various compensatory benefits but in Kansas City it is $27,000 without any other benefits. It is less considering the multiple duties these CNAs have to perform when on duty working in a 24/7 environment. The only additional benefit they get is the shift allowance if they work in the second shift ($0.50 an hour extra) and third shift ($1.00 an hour extra).
  • The long term care and pediatric care salary is also low as compared to the national average of $30,000.
  • Kansas city is one of the fast growing metros of the country but the demand for healthcare professionals is relatively low thus the salaries are not anything to boast about.

Career growth prospects for CNA in Kansas City

The demand for healthcare professionals is on a all time high in the United States and same is the viewpoint for Kansas City over the next five to ten years; so if there is a time to start a career in nursing, it is now. With experience and higher education you can ensure higher salaries.

Experienced CNA can earn higher salaries and those with an experience of over five years can expect earnings around $28,000 on an average; those with ten years or more can be paid $31,000 a year. If you stick to one facility for longer periods of time you can expect higher salary growths just like any other profession.

While working as a nursing assistant, if it dawns upon you that you are interested in a nursing career you can go on to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN) by pursuing further education you can expect good salaries. A LPN in Kansas City earns $46,000 a year while the national average stands at $44,000. A RN can earn $64,000 year on which is at par with the national average.

So education, experience and the facility you work with can make a difference to your CNA salary in Kansas City and you have the advantage of working either in Missouri or in Kansas State as per your liking.