Philadelphia CNA Salary

Philadelphia is the biggest city in the state of Pennsylvania and is fifth most populated city of the United States. With 35 percent of the population above the age of 45 years the healthcare needs in the city are rising. If you have the flair for providing healthcare services to people in need and are looking for a career option, CNA would be a good choice.

Certified nursing assistant is a good way to start a career in the medical field. By continuing education and gaining experience you can advance further and have a satisfying career. Medical professionals are always in demand irrespective of the economic climate and demand for CNAs is growing higher because they decrease the cost of healthcare, something that is advocated by health insurance companies.

The salary in Philadelphia is lower if you compare it with salary of a CNA in Chicago where a CNA earns $31,500 on an average. But the cost of living in Chicago is higher than Philadelphia.

CNA Salary by Facility

Salary offered differ depending on the facility you work for, which is natural because the responsibilities will be different.

Type of the Facility/Job Annual Salary in $
Home health aide 20,000
Caregiver Companion 19,000
Hospital 21,000
Nursing Home 24,000
Long Term Care 29,000
Pediatric Care 33,000
Correctional facility 25,000
  • Nursing Assistants in hospital and nursing home get other benefits like social security allowance, disability allowance, healthcare allowance etc., due to which their yearly compensation goes up to $35,000.

Career Progression for CNAs in Philadelphia

A nursing career can be very gratifying if you think you have the willingness and ability to serve in the medical profession; working as a CNA can give you the experience and understanding about your liking for the nursing profession.

If you conclude that you want to continue nursing patients, Philadelphia can provide you with many options to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN) after working as a CNA. You can enroll in the CNA to LPN program or CNA to RN program and continue education. A LPN earns $46,000 a year and RNs average salary in Philadelphia in $64,000 which is at par with the average of the nation.

If you have worked as a CNA in Pediatric care you have an added advantage; a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP) can earn $80,000 to $110,000 a year. So it can prove to be a great career move if you chose to specialize as a PNP while you are enrolled in a nursing education program. A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner’s salary is above $95,000 in Philadelphia, so psychiatric aides have a great chance to prosper in their nursing career; specialization is all that is require.

CNA salary in this city is above the national averages and there are ample growth opportunities for those who are looking for a great career in nursing; gain experience, specialize in a particular nursing practice and continue education for a progressive career.