CNA Salary in San Diego

San Diego is one of the biggest metropolises in the United States and second largest in California; healthcare needs in the metro are on a high just the way they are across the country. California is one state which has got ample job opportunities for certified nursing assistants and they draw decent salaries in the state. CNA salary in San Diego is $29,000 on an average which is a few thousand more than the national average of $25,000.

But the CNAs in San Diego get other compensations in the form of healthcare allowances, social security allowance etc., which makes the CNA yearly compensation around $33,000; CNAs in all the cities do not get such benefits so if you are in San Diego taking up a career as a CNA is a good Idea; the location factor out of the various factors that determines CNA salary is an advantage here.

The other factors that determine CNA salary are experience, facility and education. Let see how these factors vary from other places and make for the CNA compensation.

CNA Salary by Facility

The facility you are working in will be one factor on which your earnings will fluctuate as the duties vary in different settings.

Type of the Facility/Job Annual Salary in $
Home health aide 21,000
Caregiver Companion 20,000
Hospital 38,000
Nursing home 36,000
Long Term Care 31,000
Hospice Care 35,000

  • A Hospice CNA serves terminally ill patients either in a Hospice Center or the patient’s home. The job of Hospice CNA is emotionally challenging as they have to face tough situations like death; hence they draw higher salaries.
  • In San Diego the size of the facility you work with also determines your salary; for example if the facility has up to 49 beds your salary will be around $22,000 however, if the facility has more than 49 beds your salary can be $25,000 a year.

Career Growth for CNA in San Diego

In California the minimum hours of training for a CNA is 150 hours which includes at least 100 hours of clinical training; this is mandatory in the state and the CNA are get very good exposure to the clinical skills which they require for the job.

If you take up additional specialization like pediatric care nurse aide or psychiatric nurse aide your chances of earning higher salary increases. A pediatric nurse aide takes care of the delicate needs of the child patients and a psychiatric nurse aide will have to handle sensitive cases of mentally challenged patients. Pediatric care CNA salary in San Diego is $40,000 a year while a Psychiatric Nurse Aide earns $39,000.

Starting salary of nurse aide in San Diego is $21,000. An experienced CNA can earn from $25,000 to $ 35,000 a year; more experience means more salary like any other profession.

If you continue education and become a Registered Nurse (RN) your salary will increase as a result of higher education and more responsibilities. A RN earns $65,000 a year on an average in San Diego and if you specialize in pediatric care or psychiatry you have a great chance of earning $85,000 and above in this metro.

All the salaries mentioned above are base salaries and CNAs in San Diego get additional compensatory benefits as they work in non-profit making organizations. CNA salary in San Diego is a reflection of the salaries drawn by CNAs in California which are higher than the national averages as the state has the highest population amongst all states of USA and thus the demand for healthcare professionals is higher.