CNA Starting Salary

The CNA starting salary depends on a lot of factors; your job location, the facility you start out with, your education etc. On an average the starting salary a CNA can get is $8 an hour which will be around $16,600 a year.

If you work in the evening shifts you can earn 75 cents more on an hourly basis which means your yearly salary will be $18,200 which is good for starting out. Those who are willing to work in the night shifts can get $1 extra per hour which will be $18,700 a year; a difference of $2000 as compared to those who prefer working during the day time.

Starting CNA Salary as per Location

The salary of CNA differs from place to place as per the demand and supply situation of CNA availability. If you are in Alaska or New York your starting salary and further growth will be more as compared to Missouri or Idaho.

The CNA average salary in Alaska is around $15 an hour and you can get a starting salary of $10 an hour. In New York a CNA is paid an average of $14 an hour, so your starting salary can be around $10 an hour. Compare this with low paying states like Missouri and Idaho where the average salary is $9 an hour; the starting salary will be $6 an hour. Average CNA salary in cities like Kansas is also very low as compared to the national average.

Starting CNA Salary as per Employment Status

CNAs work on a full-time or part-time basis; depending on this status their salaries differ. Many times people work as a CNA while pursing further education or another job. Part-time CNAs are paid less salary as compared to their full-time counterparts because in full-time employment you work for your bread and butter and thus are more focused and can fulfill more responsibilities.

If you are starting out as a CNA working on a part-time basis just as additional income you will earn less. Hospitals and facilities have a preference for full-time employees; it is the same in any profession a person is involved in.

Starting CNA Salary as per Facility

If you start working in a hospital you will have to shoulder more responsibilities and attend to the needs of multiple patients, so you will be able to draw a higher starting salary as compared to a nursing home or as a Home Healthcare Aide (HHA). A hospital CNA can start out with a salary of $10 an hour as compared to $8 an hour in other facilities. As a HHA your starting salary can be even less than $8 an hour.

Starting CNA Salary as per Education

The higher is your education the more will be your salary; it is the same in all professions. If you have done some specialization you have more chances of cracking the higher grade of the starting salary. For example a Radiologist Assistant earns $44,000 a year and the starting salary can be around $32,000; this is because there is a shortage of Radiologist MDs. A psychiatric aide has to handle sensitive patients so the starting salary can be around $30,000; average salary of a Psychiatric Adie is around $40,000, a good $13,000 more than average CNA salary.

CNA starting salary is thus dependent on many variables. Your education, job location, job status and the facility you work in; all contribute towards it. When you start out in the profession as a CNA you must research about all these factors and proceed accordingly. Another important consideration is that the longer you stay with an employer the higher will be your salary growth.

So to get an impressive CNA starting salary and prosper in this career choice of yours start a job at the good location and right facility; continue education and you shall be a successful CNA.