Home Care Agency CNA Salary

Home care agency CNA salary differs from state to state depending on the home care affordability index of that particular state which is calculated on the basis of the average income of the state. Home care agency CNAs are referred to as Home Healthcare Aides (HHA) and can serve the health care needs of a variety of clients.

Clients of HHA

Home healthcare agency usually hires CNA for the purpose of serving patients in their homes and is generally asked to serve one or two patients in a day; it depends on the number of hours required by each patient. The types of clients for an HHA can be as follows:

  • Some elderly people are reluctant to move out of the comforts of their house and go to an adult day care center. In such scenarios services of a HHA are required.

  • Sometimes patients go through surgical or other medical treatments in hospital and are discharged after recovering, but they still need to be looked after; a HHA is employed for such healthcare needs

  • Some patients who are chronically ill with diseases like diabetes, emphysema or have some kind of disability need healthcare assistance will be served by HHA

Responsibilities of a HHA

The duties of a HHA are the same as those working in other settings like a nursing home or adult day care center. The general duties of a HHA are toileting, bathing, dressing and grooming of patients. They have to ambulate patients who need regular clinical check up, help them in motion exercises and maintain hygienic surroundings and educate patients and their close ones. They may have to involve in light housekeeping activities and check for the supplies of medicines apart from monitoring the vital signs of patients when needed and report changes to a supervising nurse. A HHA provides for comfort of patients, take care of the physical and emotional needs; it is a complete healthcare service.

Home healthcare aide gives services to one patient at a time and has no time constraints for specific tasks unlike in a nursing home or a hospital where you attend multiple patients and have to answer the bells and rush for things. HHA job is very comfortable and thus is gaining popularity among CNAs.

Home care agency CNA salary A home care agency provide multiple healthcare services apart from deploying a HHA at patients’ home; they bill the patients accordingly and since a HHA provides for optimum quality healthcare services gets more salary as compared to some other CNA.

HHA salary by state

As the HHA salary depends on the affordability rate of a state towards healthcare, the salary differs from state to state. States like Connecticut, Wyoming, and Virginia where average income of a household is high pay higher salaries to HHAs. Texas is not one of the highest paying states but nurse aide salary in Houston is better as compared to other parts of the state and HHAs can also benefit from this.

The top paying states for HHA are Alaska which pays $25 an hour, Massachusetts pays $24 an hour, Maine pays $23 an hour, North Dakota pays $22 and states like New York, Texas, California and Delaware pay $21 an hour. It is a substantial salary compared to what other CNAs get paid in these states.

States which have low average salary leading to a low affordability rate for healthcare cannot pay such high salaries to HHAs. States like Alabama and West Virginia pay HHAs as low as $15 an hour, while states like Louisiana and Mississippi pay $16 an hour; Georgia, Illinois and Kentucky pay $17 an hour to HHAs. These are some of the lowest paying states for HHAs. For more details of HHA salary by state you will have to research a bit.

The national average salary of HHA is $20 an hour which means on a yearly basis a HHA can earn around 40,000 a year which is way above the CNA average expected salary of the country which stands at $27,000.

The home care agency CNA salary is so good that it is a good option for CNAs but the only issue is that the number of hours of employment required for HHAs is very less as compared to requirement of CNAs in other settings, so the demand for HHAs is not very high.