Hospital CNA Salary

CNA salary depends on the duties carried out by them. CNAs work in different settings like hospitals, medical facilities, adult daycare etc. Their basic responsibilities of bathing, feeding, hygiene etc are the same in all the settings but they have some additional responsibilities depending on the setting that they work.

To understand the factors determining a Hospital CNA salary we must first understand the main duties of a nursing aide in a hospital setting.

  1. Mobilize Patients

    In a hospital setting a certified nursing assistant has to assist patients in moving from one department to other for various tests and physician checkups. The CNA must be physically fit as he/ she has to be engaged in a lot of physical activities. Many times they have to carry patients on their shoulders while assisting them in walking to and fro for these checkups.

  2. Monitor Patient’s Health

    Monitoring patient’s health and reporting the same to the supervising nursing is also one of the important duties of nursing assistants. They are supposed to take vital signs like temperatures, blood pressure etc. They should collect specimen and check the liquid intake and output. If a patient is on special diet, the CNAs must monitor the meals for that patient in cooperation with the hospital catering staff. The nursing aides should be able to attend to patient distress calls and should be able to contact emergency services when needed.

  3. Hospital Duties

    A CNA working in a hospital setting should be able to carry out light housekeeping duties in order to maintain hygienic atmosphere. Sterilizing of dressing packs and medical treatment trays and providing the patients with clean sets of bed linen and disposing the dirty ones to the laundry is also part of the nurse assistant duties.

    The nursing assistant is the bridge of communication between different departments. They are supposed to work in a 24/7 environment just like the Registered Nurses. They should have the ability to multi- task because in a hospital they will have to take care of more than one patient and this requires a lot of skill and focus.

  4. Comforting Patients

    A nurse assistant is primarily responsible for the comfort of patients in hospitals. They have to provide patients with food trays at their bedside, feed the patients who can’t eat due to their illness, assist them in bathing, grooming, brushing teeth. The CNAs are responsible for preparing beds, changing linens etc. If a patient is suffering from form muscular injuries the nursing aide must give such patient massage or provide ice packs. A CNA is not allowed to oversee patient medication; that is the responsibility of the Registered Nurses.

These are some of the major factors from which a CNA average salary is calculated. Some facilities that offer permanent employment to CNAs give additional benefits to the nursing aides; like a one week paid vacation, earned leaves, transport facilities or allowances etc. Other perks that CNAs get is free medical treatment for their families or tuition fee repayment.

CNAs who are willing to work overtime or at weekends can earn more; those working in second shifts are paid more than the day shift CNAs while those working night shifts are the highest paid. Overtime allowance can be up to $ 7 an hour, so if you are willing to work some extra hours can earn a very good CNA par scale.

Hospital CNA Salary

Average salary of a CNA working in a hospital ranges from $19000 to $30000. There is difference in cna salary in different states, on educational background and like all professions experienced CNAs earn higher salaries. The top performing CNAs can expect a salary hike of $1000 on an annual basis. But CNAs working in hospitals and willing to work nightshifts and weekends can earn extra wages per hour.

Apart from regular wages and overtimes hospital CNAs get other benefits like medical insurance, dental care and vision care as additional payment.

CNA Average salary and earnings of a CNA working in a hospital is around the same $25,000 mark. A salary for CNA working on nursing homes can go up to $32,000 based on experience and efficiency where as the self-employed CNAs can earn up to $36,000.

But a hospital job is a lot safe even if a hospital CNA salary may not be as high as a self employed one who has an insecure job. Moreover, if you have plans to be a Registered Nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse working in a hospital will be ideal for you.