Nursing Home CNA Salary

A CNA can work in a local nursing home setting under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN); the average of a nursing home CNA salary across the nation is $24,000 which is less than the average pay scale of CNA as the median of CNA salary across the United States is around $27,000.

But the job responsibilities of a nursing home CNAs are the same as other CNAs; they have to help patients in basic healthcare activities like bathing, dressing, feeding, toileting, changing the bed linen, maintaining hygienic environment, taking the vitals and reporting changes to the RN etc. The CNA might have to do some additional work as ordered by the RN if required; they have to involve in light housekeeping, monitor the meals of specific patients and update the data in case the data entry operator is not available.

Other important duties of a nursing home CNA are of mobilizing patients for scheduled checkups, assisting in motion exercises and providing comfort for patients who are suffering from muscular illnesses and need massages or ice packs.

Nursing home CNA; like the Hospital CNA, has to attend to the needs of multiple patients at the same time and must be focused and should have the ability to multi-task. If you wish to work as a CNA in a nursing home setting it is better that you enroll in a program conducted by a nursing home as you will get acquainted to the environment, work ethics and the code of conduct of a nursing home.

There is a strong possibility that you may find free programs in such nursing home if you agree to work with them once you get certified; it can be for a term of six to twelve months and you can move on after that if you wish. But CNAs that stay with one nursing home for a longer time have a better chance of earning higher salaries and also get additional benefits

Additional benefits of a Nursing Home CNA

A CNA nurse salary is not that high but after a certain period of time in one nursing home (usually after six months) a CNA can draw additional benefits as follows:

  • The CNAs are paid a social security allowance of $1800 which constitutes roughly 4.8% of the total yearly compensation they get. It is an allowance that covers for the low earnings of a CNA as compared to the professions.
  • 401K/403B allowance is also paid to CNAs where they contribute a fixed percentage of their income and based on that the employer also has to contribute. This compensation is around $900 a year or 2.4% of their salary. CNAs usually are paid the 403B allowance as a nursing home is a non-profit making organization.
  • CNAs can get exposed to some diseases due to occupational hazards; to cove this up they are paid a disability allowance which amounts up to $168 on an average which is 0.4% of their compensation
  • CNAs working in a nursing home are paid a healthcare allowance which is the highest benefit that they get as it constitutes 17% of their salary which is $6,500 a year
  • A pension allowance of around $1,500 is paid to the CNAs which is 4.1% of their total compensation
  • CNAs can enjoy paid time off and that is around $3,000 a year which is 7.8& of their salary

These benefits are even higher in big metros in the country; for example nursing home CNA salary in Chicago is higher by around $2000. All these figures are the averages of the additional benefits which constitute to a Nursing Home CNA salary. If we consider all these allowances the yearly compensation of a CNA working in a nursing home will be around $38,000 which is a substantial salary for a starting level job in a medical field.