Retirement Facility CNA Salary

Certified nursing assistants are a vital cog in the wheel of healthcare; they often work as a communicating bridge between a patient and the medical staff. For a patient they are the first contact to reach out to and get their basic healthcare needs fulfilled. CNAs work in various medical facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, pediatric centers etc., and their salary vary from setting to setting.

CNAs even work in a retirement facility, where they have to take care of the elderly; the needs of the seniors are not always medical, but they need emotional support and assistance in physical activities due to old age. A retirement facility CNA salary can thus range from $11 to $15 an hour which translates into $23,000 to $31,000 annually.

The retirement facility CNA salary can vary on the needs of the patients they serve and like other settings, it will differ with location and demand. It is usually noticed that retirement facilities or elderly care facilities as they are called don't appoint start ups to serve the elderly; experience is the name of the game when it comes to work in a retirement facilities. This is because of the sensitivity handling capacity of experienced CNAs.

Duties of a Retirement facility CNA

The average salary of cetified nursing aide working in retirement facility is $28,000 as compared to the national average salary of CNA which is $25,000. To understand why a retirement facility nurse aide needs experience and draws more salary than normal we must first understand the duties of CNAs work in these facilities. In a retirement facility residents are rated as per the healthcare needs of each of them ranging from low to medium to high. Those in the low ratings of healthcare needs need very little care like waking them up, providing timely food and medication etc. The medium rated patients need a bit more assistance in transfers, bath and dressing.

It is the high rated patients that need utmost care which may involve almost all the duties of a nursing assistant from dressing, bathing grooming to feeding, providing bedpans apart from transfers and wakeups. Other patients may be good at personal care but they have the problems of memory loss and needs emotional support more than anything else.

Many times nursing assistants prefer working in a retirement facility because the stress is less as compared to working in a hospital or nursing home and there is a sense of satisfaction in helping the elderly; that's human nature. Many CNAs will agree that the relation with the resident goes beyond nurse and client and a family like relation is developed and salary becomes secondary as compared to the satisfaction.

Nurse aides working in Retirement facilities should however remember that elderly folks don't like to be called honey or dear and being treated like children. The best way is to address them with respect; that does not imply that you must become over formal, but just because they have some memory problem doesn't mean that they lack intelligence.

Retirement facility CNA salary by state

As we all know that the location is one of the prime factors that determine CNA salary, but it doesn't make a major difference to a hospital or nursing home CNA salary because they get additional benefits. But in case of a HHA or a retirement facility nursing assistant salary it is the state affordability rate towards healthcare that is one of the important factors. The affordability rate directly depends on the average income of the household and states with higher average income pay higher salaries and states with lower income are bound to pay lower.

States like Alaska, Massachusetts, Maine and North Dakota where the incomes are higher pay up to $20 an hour to retirement facility nursing assistant which amount to $41,500 year on while states like Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky where the average income is low pay $11 an hour which will be around $23,000 a year.

Another factor which affects a CNA salary is the policy of state government which again differs from state to state. Some states like California, New York and Texas have special compensation for all medical care professionals and CNAs are amongst those. In these states the certified nursing assistants get allowances for social security, healthcare and pension which add around $5,000 to their yearly compensation. Retirement facility CNA salary in these states is higher as compared to other states.

If you feel that helping the elderly is a satisfying job retirement facility CNA salary will be just an additional reward for you; but the income is substantial enough to take care of your basic necessities. But before joining such a facility or the nursing profession as a whole, cross check your aspirations as nursing might be a noble profession but the income may not be as good as some other jobs.