Traveling CNA Salary

A traveling CNA is an individual who move from one place to another in order to serve the patients who are suffering from various types of illnesses. The salary of a traveling CNA is one of the best part of this profession.

Why Do We Requires Travel CNA?

  • Travel CNAs are required in order to take care of the patients who are bed ridden and require the medical assistance of a nurse in order to perform their daily duties and other related work in an effective manner.
  • Their work includes assisting the resident with different range of motion or exercises, help the patient in walking, keep a record of the overall development of the patients, perform their daily activities such as brushing teeth, sponge bath, and combining hair, prepare nutritious food for them, administrating medicines and drugs, maintaining hygiene and answering the call of the patients.

Factors that Affect the Traveling CNA Salary

Duties of a traveling CNA are the same as any normal CNA when it comes to health-care, but they are paid higher. The main reasons for this difference in the salary are illustrated in the points mentioned below:

  • The nature of the work of a traveling certified nursing aide is quite different, as they have to take care of each and every aspects of the patients staying with them in their home
  • Another important aspect is the experience of the nursing aide because they have to take all the decision on their own, as there is no one to assist them if any uneven condition occurs
  • The timing of work is also different from nursing aide working in medical settings, as they have to look after the patients 24/7 and fulfill their requirement at any intervals of time
  • Training and skill set is also an essential factor, as highly skilled and trained professionals are paid more as compared to the others. Training received from a renowned and reputed institutes are given more priority as compared to others at the time of selection process.
  • Since the travel nursing aides have to move from one place to another, therefore they are paid more, which includes travel allowances, insurances and so on
  • As per their duties and responsibilities that they perform while handling the patients, the pay scale of travel CNA differs. It also depends upon the condition of the patients, as the critically ill patients are given more attention by the nurse
  • If any of the candidate applying for the position of a traveling certified nursing aide possess additional certification and training, then it would act as an added advantage to their profile

Traveling CNA Pay Scale

The salary of traveling CNA is higher as compared to other nursing assistant working in different medical settings. The pay scale of a travel CNA ranges from USD 13 to USD 15 per hour. Therefore, the yearly pay scale ranges from USD 25,000 to USD 30,000. This is just the starting salary range of a travel CNA, but with the increase in the experience, the salary gets increased at a faster pace. The overtime payment of these nurses are one and a half times more than that of normal salary of nursing assistants. These nurse are paid even more in the weekends.
Apart from this pay scale, there are various other advantages that they receive during their work period such as:

  • Housing facilities
  • Medical and insurance facilities
  • Travel allowance
  • Meal facilities

Job Opportunities for Traveling CNAs

There are various medical organizations that offer job assistance to various eligible candidates for the position of a travel certified nursing aide. These nurses are also self-employed, as they can be required for taking care of people suffering from injuries, especially the elderly people.

Benefits of Traveling CNA Jobs

  • One of the major benefit is that they can travel throughout the United States
  • They can enjoy the lucrative pay scale, as it varies depending upon the condition of the patients
  • They can earn a good bonus and incentives which may range from USD 500 to USD 6000
  • They can work as per the location of their choice i.e. in any of the states of the United States of America
  • There are various free allowances that they can enjoy such as housing accommodations, insurance facilities and so on
  • Since they work in different climatic or geographical conditions, therefore they will be adaptable to any surroundings and can perform their task easily

These are some of the important aspects of traveling CNA salary that one should know before applying for the position for the same. Thus, it is regarded as one of the best career in the field of nursing and health care, as you can excel at a faster pace along with a good salary hike.